Magento 数据词典

表名 注释 词典
adminnotification_inbox official notification records 查看
admin_assert admin assert 查看
admin_role role in backend 查看
admin_rule ACL resources in backend 查看
admin_user user in backend 查看
api2_acl_attribute api2 acl attribute 查看
api2_acl_role api2 acl role 查看
api2_acl_rule api2 acl rule 查看
api2_acl_user api2 acl user 查看
api_assert api assert 查看
api_role api role 查看
api_rule api rule 查看
api_session api session 查看
api_user api user 查看
captcha_log captcha log 查看
cataloginventory_stock catalog inventory stock value 查看
cataloginventory_stock_item catalog inventory stock item 查看
cataloginventory_stock_status catalog inventory stock status 查看
cataloginventory_stock_status_idx catalog inventory stock status idx 查看
cataloginventory_stock_status_tmp catalog inventory stock status tmp 查看
catalogrule catalog rule 查看
catalogrule_affected_product catalog rule affected product 查看
catalogrule_customer_group 查看
catalogrule_group_website catalog rule group website 查看
catalogrule_product catalog rule product 查看
catalogrule_product_price catalog rule product price 查看
catalogrule_website catalog rule website 查看
catalogsearch_fulltext catalog search fulltext(Catalog Search indexer generation) 查看
catalogsearch_query catalog search query 查看
catalogsearch_result catalog search result 查看
catalog_category_anc_categs_index_idx catalog category anc categs index idx 查看
catalog_category_anc_categs_index_tmp catalog category anc categs index tmp 查看
catalog_category_anc_products_index_idx catalog category anc products index idx 查看
catalog_category_anc_products_index_tmp catalog category anc products index tmp 查看
catalog_category_entity This table contains information about category entities. 查看
catalog_category_entity_datetime Values of category attributes with the datatype “datetime”. 查看
catalog_category_entity_decimal Values of category attributes with a floating point number content. 查看
catalog_category_entity_int Values of category attributes with the datatype “integer”. 查看
catalog_category_entity_text Values of category attributes with the datatype “text” (unlimited string). 查看
catalog_category_entity_varchar Values of category attributes with the datatype “varchar” (limited string, maximum 255 characters) 查看
catalog_category_flat_store_1 catalog category flat store 1 查看
catalog_category_flat_store_2 查看
catalog_category_flat_store_3 查看
catalog_category_product Connection beween category entity and product entity 查看
catalog_category_product_index Setting the store of category/product-connection 查看
catalog_category_product_index_enbl_idx catalog category product index enbl idx 查看
catalog_category_product_index_enbl_tmp catalog category product index enbl tmp 查看
catalog_category_product_index_idx catalog category product index idx 查看
catalog_category_product_index_tmp catalog category product index tmp 查看
catalog_compare_item catalog compare item 查看
catalog_eav_attribute catalog eav attribute 查看
catalog_product_bundle_option Bundleitems/-options of a product entity (producttype is bundle-product) 查看
catalog_product_bundle_option_value Naming of a bundleitem/-option. 查看
catalog_product_bundle_price_index catalog product bundle price index 查看
catalog_product_bundle_selection Bundlecombinations 查看
catalog_product_bundle_selection_price catalog product bundle selection price 查看
catalog_product_bundle_stock_index Stock values of bundleproducts. 查看
catalog_product_enabled_index Defines the visibility status of a product entity in the Magento stores 查看
catalog_product_entity This table contains information about product entities. 查看
catalog_product_entity_datetime Values of product attributes with the datatype “datetime” 查看
catalog_product_entity_decimal Values of product attributes with a floating point number content. 查看
catalog_product_entity_gallery catalog product entity pic 查看
catalog_product_entity_group_price Values of product attributes with the datatype “integer”. 查看
catalog_product_entity_int Values of product attributes with the datatype “integer”. 查看
catalog_product_entity_media_gallery Linking of images to a specified product entity based on the attribute_id. 查看
catalog_product_entity_media_gallery_value Defines the position and the visibility of a product-media. 查看
catalog_product_entity_text Values of product attributes with the datatype “text” (unlimited string). 查看
catalog_product_entity_tier_price Values of product tier prices. The datatype is a floating point number. 查看
catalog_product_entity_varchar Values of product attributes with the datatype “varchar” (limited string, maximum 255 characters). 查看
catalog_product_flat_1 catalog product flat 1 查看
catalog_product_flat_2 查看
catalog_product_flat_3 查看
catalog_product_index_eav catalog product index eav 查看
catalog_product_index_eav_decimal catalog product index eav decimal 查看
catalog_product_index_eav_decimal_idx catalog product index eav decimal idx 查看
catalog_product_index_eav_decimal_tmp catalog product index eav decimal tmp 查看
catalog_product_index_eav_idx catalog product index eav idx 查看
catalog_product_index_eav_tmp catalog product index eav tmp 查看
catalog_product_index_group_price catalog product index group price 查看
catalog_product_index_price catalog product index price 查看
catalog_product_index_price_bundle_idx catalog product index price bundle idx 查看
catalog_product_index_price_bundle_opt_idx catalog product index price bundle opt idx 查看
catalog_product_index_price_bundle_opt_tmp catalog product index price bundle opt tmp 查看
catalog_product_index_price_bundle_sel_idx catalog product index price bundle sel idx 查看
catalog_product_index_price_bundle_sel_tmp catalog product index price bundle sel tmp 查看
catalog_product_index_price_bundle_tmp catalog product index price bundle tmp 查看
catalog_product_index_price_cfg_opt_agr_idx catalog product index price cfg opt agr idx 查看
catalog_product_index_price_cfg_opt_agr_tmp catalog product index price cfg opt agr tmp 查看
catalog_product_index_price_cfg_opt_idx catalog product index price cfg opt idx 查看
catalog_product_index_price_cfg_opt_tmp catalog product index price cfg opt tmp 查看
catalog_product_index_price_downlod_idx catalog product index price downlod idx 查看
catalog_product_index_price_downlod_tmp catalog product index price downlod tmp 查看
catalog_product_index_price_final_idx catalog product index price final idx 查看
catalog_product_index_price_final_tmp catalog product index price final tmp 查看
catalog_product_index_price_idx catalog product index price idx 查看
catalog_product_index_price_opt_agr_idx catalog product index price opt agr idx 查看
catalog_product_index_price_opt_agr_tmp catalog product index price opt agr tmp 查看
catalog_product_index_price_opt_idx catalog product index price opt idx 查看
catalog_product_index_price_opt_tmp catalog product index price opt tmp 查看
catalog_product_index_price_tmp catalog product index price tmp 查看
catalog_product_index_tier_price catalog product index tier price 查看
catalog_product_index_website catalog product index website 查看
catalog_product_link catalog product link 查看
catalog_product_link_attribute catalog product link attribute 查看
catalog_product_link_attribute_decimal catalog product link attribute decimal 查看
catalog_product_link_attribute_int catalog product link attribute int 查看
catalog_product_link_attribute_varchar catalog product link attribute varchar 查看
catalog_product_link_type catalog product link type 查看
catalog_product_option catalog product option 查看
catalog_product_option_price catalog product option price 查看
catalog_product_option_title catalog product option title 查看
catalog_product_option_type_price catalog product option type price 查看
catalog_product_option_type_title catalog product option type title 查看
catalog_product_option_type_value catalog product option type value 查看
catalog_product_relation catalog product relation 查看
catalog_product_super_attribute catalog product super attribute 查看
catalog_product_super_attribute_label catalog product super attribute label 查看
catalog_product_super_attribute_pricing catalog product super attribute pricing 查看
catalog_product_super_link catalog product super link 查看
catalog_product_website catalog product website 查看
checkout_agreement checkout agreement 查看
checkout_agreement_store checkout agreement store 查看
cms_block cms block 查看
cms_block_store cms block store 查看
cms_page cms page 查看
cms_page_store cms page store 查看
core_cache core cache 查看
core_cache_option core cache option 查看
core_cache_tag core cache tag 查看
core_config_data core config data 查看
core_email_template core email template 查看
core_flag core flag 查看
core_layout_link core layout link 查看
core_layout_update core layout update 查看
core_resource Value of module version 查看
core_session core session 查看
core_store core store 查看
core_store_group core store group 查看
core_translate core translate 查看
core_url_rewrite core url rewrite 查看
core_variable core variable 查看
core_variable_value core variable value 查看
core_website core website 查看
coupon_aggregated coupon aggregated 查看
coupon_aggregated_order coupon aggregated order 查看
coupon_aggregated_updated coupon aggregated updated 查看
cron_schedule cron schedule 查看
customer_address_entity customer address entity 查看
customer_address_entity_datetime customer address entity datetime 查看
customer_address_entity_decimal customer address entity decimal 查看
customer_address_entity_int customer address entity int 查看
customer_address_entity_text customer address entity text 查看
customer_address_entity_varchar customer address entity varchar 查看
customer_eav_attribute customer eav attribute 查看
customer_eav_attribute_website customer eav attribute website 查看
customer_entity customer entity 查看
customer_entity_datetime customer entity datetime 查看
customer_entity_decimal customer entity decimal 查看
customer_entity_int customer entity int 查看
customer_entity_text customer entity text 查看
customer_entity_varchar customer entity varchar 查看
customer_form_attribute customer form attribute 查看
customer_group customer group 查看
dataflow_batch dataflow batch 查看
dataflow_batch_export dataflow batch export 查看
dataflow_batch_import dataflow batch import 查看
dataflow_import_data dataflow import data 查看
dataflow_profile dataflow profile 查看
dataflow_profile_history dataflow profile history 查看
dataflow_session dataflow session 查看
design_change design change 查看
directory_country directory country 查看
directory_country_format directory country format 查看
directory_country_region directory country region 查看
directory_country_region_name directory country region name 查看
directory_currency_rate directory currency rate 查看
downloadable_link downloadable link 查看
downloadable_link_price downloadable link price 查看
downloadable_link_purchased downloadable link purchased 查看
downloadable_link_purchased_item downloadable link purchased item 查看
downloadable_link_title downloadable link title 查看
downloadable_sample downloadable sample 查看
downloadable_sample_title downloadable sample title 查看
eav_attribute eav attribute 查看
eav_attribute_group eav attribute group 查看
eav_attribute_label eav attribute label 查看
eav_attribute_option eav attribute option 查看
eav_attribute_option_value eav attribute option value 查看
eav_attribute_set eav attribute set 查看
eav_entity eav entity 查看
eav_entity_attribute eav entity attribute 查看
eav_entity_datetime eav entity datetime 查看
eav_entity_decimal eav entity decimal 查看
eav_entity_int eav entity int 查看
eav_entity_store eav entity store 查看
eav_entity_text eav entity text 查看
eav_entity_type eav entity type 查看
eav_entity_varchar eav entity varchar 查看
eav_form_element eav form element 查看
eav_form_fieldset eav form fieldset 查看
eav_form_fieldset_label eav form fieldset label 查看
eav_form_type eav form type 查看
eav_form_type_entity eav form type entity 查看
gift_message gift message 查看
googlecheckout_notification googlecheckout notification 查看
importexport_importdata importexport importdata 查看
index_event index event 查看
index_process index process 查看
index_process_event index process event 查看
log_customer log customer 查看
log_quote log quote 查看
log_summary log summary 查看
log_summary_type log summary type 查看
log_url log url 查看
log_url_info log url info 查看
log_visitor log visitor 查看
log_visitor_info log visitor info 查看
log_visitor_online log visitor online 查看
newsletter_problem newsletter problem 查看
newsletter_queue newsletter queue 查看
newsletter_queue_link newsletter queue link 查看
newsletter_queue_store_link newsletter queue store link 查看
newsletter_subscriber newsletter subscriber 查看
newsletter_template newsletter template 查看
oauth_consumer oauth consumer 查看
oauth_nonce oauth nonce 查看
oauth_token oauth token 查看
paypal_cert paypal cert 查看
paypal_payment_transaction paypal payment transaction 查看
paypal_settlement_report paypal settlement report 查看
paypal_settlement_report_row paypal settlement report row 查看
persistent_session persistent session 查看
poll poll 查看
poll_answer 查看
poll_store poll store 查看
poll_vote poll vote 查看
product_alert_price product alert price 查看
product_alert_stock product alert stock 查看
rating rating 查看
rating_entity rating entity 查看
rating_option rating option 查看
rating_option_vote rating option vote 查看
rating_option_vote_aggregated rating option vote aggregated 查看
rating_store rating store 查看
rating_title rating title 查看
report_compared_product_index report compared product index 查看
report_event report event 查看
report_event_types report event types 查看
report_viewed_product_aggregated_daily report viewed product aggregated daily 查看
report_viewed_product_aggregated_monthly report viewed product aggregated monthly 查看
report_viewed_product_aggregated_yearly report viewed product aggregated yearly 查看
report_viewed_product_index report viewed product index 查看
review review 查看
review_detail review detail 查看
review_entity review entity 查看
review_entity_summary review entity summary 查看
review_status review status 查看
review_store review store 查看
salesrule salesrule 查看
salesrule_coupon salesrule coupon 查看
salesrule_coupon_usage salesrule coupon usage 查看
salesrule_customer salesrule customer 查看
salesrule_customer_group salesrule customer group 查看
salesrule_label salesrule label 查看
salesrule_product_attribute salesrule product attribute 查看
salesrule_website salesrule website 查看
sales_bestsellers_aggregated_daily sales bestsellers aggregated daily 查看
sales_bestsellers_aggregated_monthly sales bestsellers aggregated monthly 查看
sales_bestsellers_aggregated_yearly sales bestsellers aggregated yearly 查看
sales_billing_agreement sales billing agreement 查看
sales_billing_agreement_order sales billing agreement order 查看
sales_flat_creditmemo sales flat creditmemo 查看
sales_flat_creditmemo_comment sales flat creditmemo comment 查看
sales_flat_creditmemo_grid sales flat creditmemo grid 查看
sales_flat_creditmemo_item sales flat creditmemo item 查看
sales_flat_invoice sales flat invoice 查看
sales_flat_invoice_comment sales flat invoice comment 查看
sales_flat_invoice_grid sales flat invoice grid 查看
sales_flat_invoice_item sales flat invoice item 查看
sales_flat_order sales flat order 查看
sales_flat_order_address sales flat order address 查看
sales_flat_order_grid sales flat order grid 查看
sales_flat_order_item sales flat order item 查看
sales_flat_order_payment sales flat order payment 查看
sales_flat_order_status_history sales flat order status history 查看
sales_flat_quote sales flat quote 查看
sales_flat_quote_address sales flat quote address 查看
sales_flat_quote_address_item sales flat quote address item 查看
sales_flat_quote_item sales flat quote item 查看
sales_flat_quote_item_option sales flat quote item option 查看
sales_flat_quote_payment sales flat quote payment 查看
sales_flat_quote_shipping_rate sales flat quote shipping rate 查看
sales_flat_shipment sales flat shipment 查看
sales_flat_shipment_comment sales flat shipment comment 查看
sales_flat_shipment_grid sales flat shipment grid 查看
sales_flat_shipment_item sales flat shipment item 查看
sales_flat_shipment_track sales flat shipment track 查看
sales_invoiced_aggregated sales invoiced aggregated 查看
sales_invoiced_aggregated_order sales invoiced aggregated order 查看
sales_order_aggregated_created sales order aggregated created 查看
sales_order_aggregated_updated sales order aggregated updated 查看
sales_order_status sales order status 查看
sales_order_status_label sales order status label 查看
sales_order_status_state sales order status state 查看
sales_order_tax sales order tax 查看
sales_order_tax_item sales order tax item 查看
sales_payment_transaction sales payment transaction 查看
sales_recurring_profile sales recurring profile 查看
sales_recurring_profile_order sales recurring profile order 查看
sales_refunded_aggregated sales refunded aggregated 查看
sales_refunded_aggregated_order sales refunded aggregated order 查看
sales_shipping_aggregated sales shipping aggregated 查看
sales_shipping_aggregated_order sales shipping aggregated order 查看
sendfriend_log sendfriend log 查看
shipping_tablerate shipping tablerate 查看
sitemap sitemap 查看
tag tag 查看
tag_properties tag properties 查看
tag_relation tag relation 查看
tag_summary tag summary 查看
tax_calculation tax calculation 查看
tax_calculation_rate tax calculation rate 查看
tax_calculation_rate_title tax calculation rate title 查看
tax_calculation_rule tax calculation rule 查看
tax_class tax class 查看
tax_order_aggregated_created tax order aggregated created 查看
tax_order_aggregated_updated tax order aggregated updated 查看
weee_discount weee discount 查看
weee_tax weee tax 查看
widget widget 查看
widget_instance widget instance 查看
widget_instance_page widget instance page 查看
widget_instance_page_layout widget instance page layout 查看
wishlist wishlist 查看
wishlist_item wishlist item 查看
wishlist_item_option wishlist item option 查看
xmlconnect_application xmlconnect application 查看
xmlconnect_config_data xmlconnect config data 查看
xmlconnect_history xmlconnect history 查看
xmlconnect_notification_template xmlconnect notification template 查看
xmlconnect_queue xmlconnect queue 查看